Top 5 Reasons To Go Boating

We all love boating! But over time the casual cruising routine can get a bit boring. If you’re looking for a fun, new way to enjoy the time you spend aboard, the East Coast BrewBoat is guaranteed to inject some excitement!

 It’s An Adventure – Boating has always been an adventure: you can explore and go places you can’t get to by land and experience things you may otherwise never do. There is always an unknown ahead of you where an adventure awaits that will push you to broaden your horizons and also give you a new perspective of nature and your surroundings from the water.

It’s a Healthy Activity – Boating is exercise, but our boating experience adds an aerobic twist through its peddling feature – it’s up to you how far we paddle! Even when you are just sitting at anchor your body is still working as the boat rocks and rolls through the waves. All the while you are outside getting lots of fresh air and Vitamin D… don’t forget the sunscreen!

It Promotes Team Building – You can, of course, boat alone, but the greater satisfaction is in boating with others, bonding with family and friends, and developing teamwork that enhances your boating expedition. Working together to leave the dock, racing, cruising, anchoring, and returning to harbor can expand your life and relationships.

It’s A Relaxing Outlet – No matter how much stress you have at work, at home, or at school, when you take your boat out you leave that stress behind. Boating provides freedom, independence and empowerment in a way no land-dwelling activity can provide. (And the drinks help, too!)

It’s Fun – If you haven’t read enough yet to convince you to go boating with us, then let us stress just how much FUN you will have on our BrewBoat! Lots about boating is just plain fun, but with our experience it’s a bar on a boat! It’s major fun and you make priceless memories that will live on for years to come. Isn’t everything better when it’s BYOB?!

We’re very passionate about the boating lifestyle and everything it gives back to us, and we are even more excited to share that opportunity with our customers. So there you have it. Life really is better on a boat! Whether you’re brainstorming a creative date idea, planning a group get together or party, looking for affordable vacation activities, or simply searching for a unique new way to have fun – East Coast BrewBoat is the answer for everyone!