The BrewBoat

We are 100% Green and proud of it! Our BrewBoat is powered by YOU!  Sounds different, right? That’s because it is! Your pedaling turns our large paddle wheel, which puts the boat in motion. We are the ninth CycleBoat operation in the U.S. and are very excited to bring this fun-filled boat to the local Myrtle Beach community that we love, Murrells Inlet. Solar panels located on the roof of the boat give us the power to pump tunes through the speakers, light our party LED’s, and charge our batteries used to drive our electric motor.  We take pride in recycling all materials guests bring onboard so our inlet stays clean for generations to come.  We are very thankful for the team at Cascade CycleBoats in Bend, Oregon who have carefully designed and spent countless hours building our unique boat for the enjoyment of our guests. We love talking about our operation and will be happy to answer any questions about the boat.

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