Myrtle Beach Boat Rentals: March Madness!

In just over one month’s time, the East Coast BrewBoat will be back on the water blasting tunes with happy customers cycling through the Inlet! If March wasn’t a great enough month for you (weather, NCAA basketball, Easter), we are here to make it the BEST MONTH EVER! In case you have yet to experience the BrewBoat first hand, we are here to explain a little about each one of our Myrtle Beach boat rentals so that you can figure out with tour will best fit you and your group.


So either you took the day off from work or you are here on vacation. Either way, it’s cool! You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want, so you chose to enjoy a cruise out on the BrewBoat nooner trip. Our cruises are only an hour, so afterwards you can grab lunch at one of the fine restaurants along the Marshwalk and then continue with the rest of your day!

1:30 pm

With food in your belly, you are ready for your trip on the BrewBoat with a sixer in hand. This is just a pre-game for you because you plan on partying it up in the Inlet for the rest of the day! Don’t let us slow you down…

3:00 pm

This is our relaxing cruise. You are looking to get out on the water and enjoy the views of the Marshwalk. You may be having dinner here, but chances are good you have reservations somewhere in Pawleys Island later this evening. We will shut up now because you are in relaxation mode!

4:30 pm

A bottle of wine on a pedal boat with all of your friends…sounds like the start to a great night! You will have a few drinks, enjoy dinner on the Inlet and enjoy several more drinks before calling it a night. Let’s get your power hour going already!

6:00 pm

You’ve eaten an early dinner and want to enjoy the Inlet as the sun goes down before you head home to catch Matlock before bedtime at 9pm. You don’t have to be a raging party animal to enjoy yourself on the East Coast BrewBoat!

7:30 pm

This crew is always looking for a way to spend time on the water after dark, especially with a drink in their hand! Afterwards, Hot Fish Club or Bubba’s is a popular joint to enjoy a few more beverages to pass the time.

9:00 pm

Our last cruise of the day is always our most lively! You have had all day to drink in the Inlet and are looking to party with your crew out in the Inlet. Have as much fun as you want to, but keep in mind that you cannot sleep on the BrewBoat!

All of our cruises last a little over an hour each and are a ton of fun. Feel free to read our stellar reviews online before booking. We hope to see you out on one of our Myrtle Beach boat rentals this Spring!