Murrells Inlet Boat Rentals: Ring In The New Year

By definition, a resolution isΒ a firm decision to do or not to do something. Now, most people want to lose weight, eat better, be a well-rounded person, the list goes on. Those are fine and dandy, but our goal is for you to have more fun on the boat. You may be asking yourself, “But your boat is amazing, so how is it possible to have even more fun?” Great question! Below are a few things that we are encouraging more of during this upcoming season. Some may sound weird, but trust us, we know how to have a good time here in Murrells Inlet.

Dance Parties

While your crew may have already experienced a true BrewBoat dance party, most of you probably haven’t. As you may or may not know, we pump tunes during the entire trip on the boat. Now, you have the option to provide your own phone and playlist or we can play whatever we’ve got. We just need to plug a device into the auxiliary jack and BOOM, instant dance party! Whether you like to floss, cha-cha slide, the chicken dance or freestyle, we don’t discriminate. Let loose and have yourself a ball!

Hang Out With A Stranger

“Wait, wait? My parents always taught me not to talk to strangers.” Sure, that’s a good life lesson, but once you are on the BrewBoat, there are no strangers! That person across from you that you just met is now your best friend. Offer them a beer. Ask them what they do for a living. Give them a high five. Get out of your comfort zone and shake it up a bit. Don’t be afraid to have a good time.

Turn Off Your Phone

“I can’t take a selfie with my phone off silly!” That’s true, but if you are sucked into your phone for the entire hour on the BrewBoat, you won’t be able to truly experience everything that we have to offer. You are pedaling a cycleboat through the Marshwalk of Murrells Inlet with a beer (or glass of wine) in your hand. Think about that for a second. The beauty of the Inlet is enough to take mental pictures of alone. There are also the goats of Goat Island as well as the fish that jump up out of the water any any given time. There are 23 other hours during the day to be on your phone, so enjoy 1 of those without it.

Try A New Beverage

If you are a Coors Light person through and through, do you ever take the opportunity to try a new beer? If not, why? With so many different craft brews that are out now, there is truly something for everyone! Don’t like the taste of beer? Try a cider! Don’t like fruity beers? Try a hoppy one! Don’t like beer at all? Try a new wine! Most grocery stores now even offer up variety packs, so we suggest grabbing a random sixer and sharing with your friends. Why? Why not?!