Murrells Inlet Boat Rental: The Ultimate Party Boat

Crack a beer and let’s pedal the Inlet! The East Coast BrewBoat is a unique experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Myrtle Beach. We are the only “pedal pub” in the entire state of South Carolina! Pretty amazing stuff. If you are looking for a Murrells Inlet boat rental with some added flare (and alcohol), your search ends here. Here are a few reasons why the BrewBoat is the ultimate party boat along the Grand Strand:

Beer Me!
It’s tough to beat an ice cold beer out on the water, but we manage to do it! How? Well, you and your friends can enjoy your alcoholic drinks without worrying about driving the boat. Each BrewBoat cruise has a designated captain to drive and first mate to handle other on-deck duties. So feel free to grab a six pack or bottle of wine before the cruise and enjoy it safely!

Music is key to having fun out on the BrewBoat. Whether you wish to cruise to some island reggae music, country, hip hop or Lonely Island’s “On A Boat” for an hour, the choice is yours. Just hand us your phone and we will plug & play. Feel free to get up and dance as others pedal the boat through Murrells Inlet.

One Of A Kind
As we mentioned before, there is nothing like the BrewBoat in all of Myrtle Beach. In a tourist town where everything seems to be the same, just rebranded in a different way, we stand out even more from the pack. As you pedal your way around, you will notice everyone back on land taking pictures and videos of the boat. It definitely draws a crowd!

Seafood Capital of South Carolina
If you wish to enjoy some fresh seafood before or after your cruise, the Marshwalk awaits! Choose from Drunken Jack’s, Dead Dog Saloon, The Claw House, Wahoo’s, Bovines, Bubba’s Love Shack and many more. Murrells Inlet is the seafood capital of South Carolina, so there is literally no better place to enjoy the delicacies of the sea!

Party On Wayne!
If your best friend is getting married and you are looking for the best way to send them off into marriage, we offer bachelor and bachelorette party packages. Rent out the whole boat and have a BLAST!

As you can see, the BrewBoat really is the best way to enjoy time out on the water in Murrells Inlet. If you are interested in booking a cruise this spring or summer, contact us at 843.213.2610.