Cap Off Your Summer With A Booze Cruise

This summer has been absolutely EPIC for the East Coast BrewBoat. We want to thank each and every person who has stepped foot on The Goat and want to invite everyone who hasn’t to cap off their summer with a booze cruise! In case you need yet another reason to enjoy a drink this time of year, here are a few more.

Bargain At Double The Price

For only $25, we take you for a ride along the Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet for a 60 minute cruise. During that time, we play your favorite tunes through our speakers as you sip on your favorite beverage. Sounds pretty solid, right?

Let Us Be Your Designated Driver

One downside to renting your own pontoon boat is that one person has to stay sober to drive the boat. You won’t have that problem with us! Your Captain handles the operation of the boat while you pedal (if you wish) and enjoy the beer or wine that you brought with you. The ride is 60 minutes, so be sure to pace yourself as there is no bathroom onboard!

For Every Occassion

Our cruises are perfect for a fun family activity, a bachelorette party or a night out for couples. Our cruises begin at 11am and run through 7pm most days, so we offer a wide variety of times and experiences!

Ride Into The Sunset

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, but the summer actually lasts until September 22nd. That means you still have almost an entire month to enjoy everyone’s favorite season until fall hits. Ride off into the summer sunset on your favorite pedal pub here in Murrells Inlet.